1. What are your office (administration) hours?

My office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Email and phone correspondence will not occur outside of those times. This is to ensure I'm taking adequate time for family and self-care. I could live and breathe photography all day so these boundaries ensure I'm investing in all the important aspects of my life. It is also ensures I'm bringing my absolute best self to every session.

2. When are you available for photography sessions?

My availability fluctuates on a bi-weekly/seasonal schedule. Please send me an email to find out my current availability. 

3. If I am sick or my child is sick can I reschedule?

Absolutely! I want you all feeling your best on the day of the session to ensure the very best outcome. The session fee will simply be transferred to your new session date. I only request that on the onset of illness please contact me immediately so that I can have as much notice as possible. If you are starting to see signs and symptoms the day before you can always contact me at the possibility of a cancellation and then we can follow up the morning of.  

4. How long do photography sessions normally take?

Photography sessions take anywhere from 1-2 hours. 

I like to leave space for chatting and breaks. The atmosphere is relaxed so that everyone is comfortable.

5. What happens if I'm running late?

It is very important that you arrive on time for the session. I allow ample time so that the session is relaxed but if that time is eaten up by arriving late then the tone of the session becomes more rushed which isn't in anyone's best interest. If you arrive 30 minutes past the session start time then you forfeit your session time for the day and your deposit. A new deposit fee will be required to secure a new date.

6. Where are you located?

I live in a rural area outside of Ottawa, Ontario. 

Sessions can occur in my home studio, in your home or outdoor during optimal light times. 

Location will be discussed in advance to see what would work best for the session.

I work mainly in Ottawa and the surrounding area but I am open to travelling elsewhere.

7. Can I copy the photographs?

Van Veit Creative retains full copyright on all photos taken during the session. Purchased digital image packages can be printed for personal use but it is strictly prohibited that you copy prints.

8. Can you accommodate extended family portraits? 

At this time I do not offer extended family portraits. I can provide you with a list of photographers in the area that do provide this service.