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A Twist on a Traditional Fall Session

This past weekend, summer decided it wasn't over, so we started with traditional fall photos but then took to the water for a unique twist on an October session.

It was so fun capturing this playful family. There were lots of tickle fights and big laughs!

PRO TIP: Kids often like to be on the move and get bored quickly with traditional posing. To make it fun, add some movement! I asked this little one to jump until I said, "Freeze!" Sparking a natural, happy expression.

I didn't want to let the gorgeous sunshine go to waste, so we asked the kids to go and play so I could get some couples photos in the water. Ugh, that sunny haze! *chef's kiss*

Then we invited the kids back for a water fight!

The youngest hopped into their truck at the end of the session and said, "This was the best picture day ever!!" And I couldn't agree more!

Have a fun idea for a photo shoot or want to try something different as a family? Let me know! I'm always up for more adventures like this one.

Much Love,


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