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The Balderdash Group

These ladies were absolutely amazing to photograph. Their energy and positive vibes could be felt as soon as they came together. The laughter and connection between them instantly made me feel at home because I saw so much of my own special

friendships in theirs.

Here’s a little back story of this amazing group of women:

"The four of us met when we were working at Industry Canada over 25 years ago. The youngest, Karen, proposed that we get together to play Balderdash, as a way to relieve stress through laughter. At first, Jocelyn, Diana, Jeanne and Karen met about once a month at each others’ homes. Much laughter. Much sharing, for we have gone through just about everything together: deaths, divorces, moves, weddings, health challenges, career changes, retirement, misadventures, and becoming grandmothers (and one great grandmother). These photos were taken at our “decades party”, for we were, momentarily, in four decades: 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. We meet less frequently these days due to changing circumstances. But for years we have set aside the Labour Day weekend to get together at Jocelyn’s cottage. It is sacred. We stopped playing Balderdash years ago, though we sometimes bring out the game— if we can find it.”

- Jeanne

I try to learn from everyone I photograph and this group was no exception. They really opened my eyes to the lack of documenting I was doing in my own life. Sure, I had family covered but what about all of the other amazing people?

I am so thankful for this experience because not only did I meet some fabulous women it has also sparked a new journey for me to dive deeper into the connections I have made in my own life.

Cue, my own friendship session.

Balderdash group- Thank you so much for inviting me to document such a special moment as well as sharing your story with all of us. Through your experiences you have helped me grow in mine.

Much love,



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