Think of how comfortable you are around your best friend and how effortless it is to be in their company and be yourself. That's the level of comfort you can expect when I photograph your family. With a quick questionnaire prior, I will plan your session according to your family's personalities and comfort levels. All you have to do is arrive ready for fun, and I'll be cheering you on and telling you how awesome you all are every step of the way!




You will receive an email from me with a quick questionnaire to help me prepare for your session. Then we will have a conversation in person, online or through email (whatever fits your needs and suits our combined schedules best) to discuss outfits, any props or special props that you would like to include, location etc. All the details will be mapped out prior so you can feel relaxed and ready for your session. 


A calm, relaxed atmosphere as I gently guide you through various poses and encourage playful interaction. I’ll be a keen observer to catch candid moments as well. I strive to bring out the best in all of you without the expectation of forced expressions. 

The session will take anywhere from 1-2 hours. I like to give lots of time so that your child doesn’t feel rushed, especially for the little ones that need some time to warm up before wanting to be photographed. Please allow this much time in your schedule when booking so that we have a sufficient amount of time to achieve the desired photographs.


Expect beautiful images that highlight your family's amazing connection and love for one another.