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Uniquely You Session- Naim's Day!

I met with Naïm and his family at their beautiful home a couple of weeks ago for their "Uniquely You Session." I had taken portraits of Naïm earlier in the spring, so I was excited to meet the entire family and capture these memories for them.

If you're not familiar with my "Uniquely You Sessions" initiative, here's the coles notes version:

Inspired by my son's ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis and the understanding of additional financial challenges families face due to costs of therapies, adaptive toys and equipment, respite or support worker wages, etc. And many, many other aspects not mentioned that impact both family and child. I offer one free session per month to a family with a child that has a formally diagnosed developmental need.

My goal is to provide community awareness and create a fun experience for families to connect and create treasured, tangible memories.

Naïm was diagnosed with ASD- Level 2 (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in Oct 2020 at 2.7 years old. Naïm reminds us of the true wonder of childhood through his enthusiasm for exploration and discovery. Naïm experiences the world with genuine curiosity and a keen interest in figuring out how things work. We ran around outside for a part of the session, and he investigated the plants, flowers and bugs buzzing around. I loved seeing the world through his bright, curious eyes.

Naïm is a happy, energetic child who radiates so much light. His love for music (especially when mom and dad are singing and dancing) is so endearing that it's impossible not to want to join in too!

These sessions continue to be so inspiring. I love seeing how families not only fully embrace but celebrate neurodiversity. I feel so grateful that I am welcomed into their lives for a short time, and I get to document their amazing connection.

If you'd like to support this vital cause, Naïm's family encourages donations to be sent to the following organization:

Quick Start Autism

If you would like to read more about what sparked this community initiative for me, head over to

Please share if you know of a family that may benefit from a Uniquely You Session.



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