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What to Expect During a Couple's Session

Couple's sessions are an awesome way to connect in present-time, but also to document your journey together. Looking back at your past photos can be a powerful tool for observing how your relationship has evolved over time, the milestones you've reached, and how you've grown individually and together.

I love looking back on photos of me and my hubby and talking about how we've changed and how we've stayed the same. Seeing the early days and playful glimmer we both had and the spark that first drew us to one another. It can be easy to forget just how far we've come, these memories serve as a reminder of the connection we've worked hard to build and maintain.

My couple's session is tailored to the individual couple, but I have some 'tried and true' starters. See below for what to expect.

Some early day photos of me and my hubby.

1. Couple's Questionnaire

To help me build your dream session, I send out a questionnaire to get to know a little bit about you beforehand. What your interests are, what you do for fun etc. This helps me find an ideal location and gives me insight into what would work best for you.

2. Easy Starters

I start every session with these two easy prompts "No Idle Hands!" and "Grandma Shot."

No idle hands just means that you are always connecting your hands to your partner. This way we don't have any floppy arms going rogue without direction. It also creates these beautiful connection points, and brings you instantly closer together. If having both hands on your partner feels like too much, then a hand in the pocket can also work to balance it out.

The Grandma shot is the shot that Grandma's see and immediately say "I want that printed and framed!" They then proceed to show it to all who visit and display it proudly in their home. Yes, this is a large generalization, but it always gets some good laughs! We start with this pose because it's low-pressure and loosens everyone up before leading into the emotive, storytelling vibes.

The Grandma shot is beautiful. But, I quickly lead into more storytelling prompts in my sessions. You won't see too many "Grandma shots" in your gallery, it's just not my style. I see it as a starting point to deeper connection.

3. Playful Prompts

After the "Grandma Shot" is taken care of, I lead into playful prompts that have you laughing and having fun together. The prompts vary based on the couple, but one prompt I love to do is the "Hip Bump." See below for the prompt and result.

Prompt: Walk towards me and try to bump your hips.

Result: Natural, authentic laughter and connection.

4. Spice Factor 🔥 🔥 🔥

Every couple has different comforts around PDA (public displays of affection). We dial is up or dial it down based on what makes you feel comfortable. If you want to learn more about how I dial up the heat at sessions, check out my previous blog post:

I hope this helped to put your mind at ease for just how low-pressure couples sessions are!

Speaking to all the photography-averse people out there, want to score some points with your photography-loving partner? This will do just that. Booking a couples session is romantic and meaningful, and shows a level of commitment and connection that other gifts just don't provide.

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Wishing you an amazing week!



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