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Uniquely You Session- Finn's Day!

I met Finn, his parents, and their adorable rescue dog Zoe a couple of weeks ago for their Uniquely You Session. Instantly they were so fun and easy-going that I knew we'd have a great time together!

If you're not familiar with my "Uniquely You Sessions" initiative, here's the coles notes version:

Inspired by my son's ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis and the understanding of additional financial challenges families face due to costs of therapies, adaptive toys and equipment, respite or support worker wages, etc. And many, many other aspects not mentioned that impact both family and child. I offer one free session per month to a family with a child that has a formally diagnosed developmental need.

My goal is to provide community awareness and create a fun experience for families to connect and create treasured, tangible memories.

Finn is 15 and was diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years of age. Finn has many hobbies and interests and shares a love for racing with his family! He is thriving and doing wonderfully at school. He is one of the sweetest, kindest teens I've ever met.

We started the session with Zoe surprising everyone and sending a doozy of a fart at her waiting family behind her. This loosened us all up and had us laughing hysterically. Thank you, Zoe, for the assistance with this hilarious capture! ;)

Finn and his family were so natural and affectionate towards each other that they needed very little direction from me to get those close, cuddly photos I strive for. Their connection was so clear and concrete that my job was easy.

I'm meeting so many amazing people through this initiative. It is incredible to be surrounded by so much joy and beautiful connections. I really appreciate every family that participates and shares their story

If you'd like to support this vital cause, Finn's family encourages donations to go to the following organization:


Please share if you know of a family that may benefit from a Uniquely You Session.

So much love,



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