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Uniquely You Session- Preston's Day!

I met Preston and his mom at Guindon Park last week for their Uniquely You Session. Preston shares a love for the water with his mom, so mom requested somewhere with water and a view. Guindon Park is a great place to go and explore, so I chose that location for our session.

If you're not familiar with my "Uniquely You Sessions" initiative, here's the coles notes version:

Inspired by my son's ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis and the understanding of additional financial challenges families face due to costs of therapies, adaptive toys and equipment, respite or support worker wages, etc. And many, many other aspects not mentioned that impact both family and child. I offer one free session per month to a family with a child that has a formally diagnosed developmental need.

My goal is to provide community awareness and create a fun experience for families to connect and create treasured, tangible memories.

Preston was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Intermittent Exotropia & Speech Apraxia. Preston was born prematurely by emergency cesarean at 36 weeks, and his mom also suffered the tragic loss of his fraternal twin during her first trimester. Preston communicates non-verbally through body gestures, sounds and physical touch. Preston often took mom by the finger to guide her where he wanted to go next.

Preston was interested in throwing rocks in the water, so we started the session with that activity. Watching his reaction each time the rock made a BIG splash was so much fun. Preston is a sweet and affectionate little boy who loves nature and the world around him. I had a wonderful time seeing the world through his eyes as we explored the area. One of my favourite parts of the session was when Preston took an interest in my sunglasses and decided he'd like to try them on!

We ended the session with a snack and snuggle by the water, and my heart nearly melted at how Preston soaked up all of this special time with his mom. What an incredible bond they share!

If you'd like to support this vital cause, Preston's family encourages donations to go to the following organization: CHEO

Please share if you know of a family that may benefit from a Uniquely You Session. Charlene


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