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5 Tips for Sibling Photos

It's 5:30 AM here as I write this, but the more insane part is I've been awake since 4 AM! My daughter is experiencing a sleep regression, and she's having a lot of difficulties falling asleep and STAYING asleep. She woke up screaming from her room, "Mama! Mama! MAMAAAAAA!”

So I boogied as fast as my 38-year-old, tired Mama legs would allow, playing an insane version of the floor is lava- nightmare edition! Jumping over every clothes hamper I left on my bedroom floor the night before, hoping and praying my brain didn't forget to catalogue one. It's not something I recommend trying at 4 AM or EVER.

By the time I settled her, my nervous system was in a full-blown WTH?! moment. There's no way I was going back to sleepy land after that. So here I am, cat on my lap, who is quite enjoying my night wakings. It won't surprise me if he's the one waking her up so he can get some-one-on one snuggle time. Not cool, Andy, not cool.

Okay, enough of my morning adventures, onto the good stuff.

For the longest time, if I put my kids closer than elbow touching, they would lose it! So I conceited defeat for the time being and tried these other options to document their younger years. I mean, let's face it, in a kid's magical view of the world, there are a lot more other engaging options than snuggling their sibling. It doesn't mean they love them any less. But, sometimes, a little incentive or promise of fun can go a long way!

1. Competition

Nothing stokes a little closeness like sibling rivalry, am I right? haha

I have so many running and racing photos of my kids because, for the longest time, that was the only way I could get them in the photo together sans meltdown. I often use this technique at the beginning of sessions to show kids how awesome and fun I am! ;) Plus, it plays them out, so they're ready to sit when it's time for less active posing.

2. Side by Side

Racing is great for the outdoors, but what do you do indoors? I often defaulted to sensory activities that they could do side by side. This fine art series has become one of my favourites of them together, and it wouldn't have happened if I could have had successfully achieved the traditional snuggle photos. My kiddos have taught me to think outside the box.

3. Silly Shenanigans

Spark the connection and closeness without the pressure of a snuggle.

Ask them to whisper a silly secret or try to make each other laugh.

4. Super Speed

One of the many perks of photos is that all it requires is one second of cooperation to get the shot! I often use this trick with toddlers. I get everyone else ready and in position, and then I have someone add in the busy toddler at the last second. For older children, I let them know it will be really quick, and then they get to move onto something else that they enjoy.

5. Bribery

Maybe not the most widely condoned option, but highly effective nonetheless. ;)

A little treat to sweeten the deal and spark cooperation is sometimes all we need to get that adorable sibling photo.

Now, I'm off to fold some laundry so that I don't have to play the floor is lava in my bedroom for the foreseeable future, and then I'll be working on my winter booking calendar! I want to make your booking as seamless as possible, so soon, you'll be able to go online and see what my availability is—saving you countless emails back and forth. :)

I'd love it if you could share this post or tag me #vanveitcreative in your photos if you try any of these tips!

So much love to all of you,



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