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5 Tips on How to Capture Classic Playing in the Leaves Shots

Since the kids were old enough, we've been playing in the leaves! It's their favourite fall activity next to pumpkin carving. There is something so freeing and easy about embracing what's in season and creating a family tradition. It's costs nothing and plays the kids out. Win-win!

Here are my top tips:

1.) Prepare for action

Set your shutter speed to a minimum of 1000.

Playing in the leaves is a high-action activity, so you want to consider how high your shutter speed needs to be to get those crisp shots. I like to start at 1000 and adjust from there.

2.) Light Quality

Sunny days may be fantastic for fall family outdoor gatherings, but it is not your friend when it comes to documenting the day. If you have the option, place the pile of leaves in a shady location if the light is too harsh.

3.) Risqué Business

To feel like you're in on the action, encourage the kids to throw the leaves in the direction of the camera.

4.) Fake Attack

If the last tip felt too risqué, have them come towards you with a giant pile of leaves. Even the intent to throw can make for dynamic photos.

5.) Up, Up and Away

Encourage your child to throw the leaves directly up in the air so they have leaves falling overhead.

And a BONUS TIP: GET INVOLVED & hop in too! I was super pregnant for Isaac and still managed to get into the leaves. The commitment to this family tradition is real.

If you have a family fall session coming up and you're wracking your brain with what to wear- check out my previous post on fall family wardrobe tips!

Much love,


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