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Brand Session Tips- PART 2

Here are some more tips to get the most out of your brand session.

If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, there is a link at the end. ;)

1. INCLUDE PERSONAL PARTS OF YOUR LIFE SO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT CAN CONNECT TO YOU. That can mean items that have special meaning to you or include family members or pets like Diana did here by bringing her awesome dog to the session!

2. GET INSPO TO FIND OUT WHAT STYLE YOU WOULD LIKE. My studio setup didn't work for Diana's entire session because my studio is boho-inspired, where Diana's design tends to be more contemporary or modern. We repurposed some items for her session but ultimately decided that most of her session would occur at another location. On the other hand, Sarah suited this particular style, so we did most of her session in the studio before wrapping up outdoors.

3. CHOOSE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS/OUTFITS TO GET MORE FROM YOUR SESSION. You've done all the prep & primp work to get ready, so don't let all of that gorgeous goodness go to waste! Diana and Sarah even alternated putting their hair up and down to create even more variety.

4. DECIDE ON THE WHY, AND IT'LL MAKE PLANNING YOUR SESSION A BREEZE. Knowing why you're doing it will make deciding on the content and the focus of your session clear.

5. BE YOU. EMBRACE YOUR QUIRKS. It makes you memorable.

6. BE CONFIDENT. It may seem cheesy, but confidence is what makes or breaks a photograph. You can look amazing, but it will reflect in your eyes and body language if you don't feel confident.

7. EMBRACE A LITTLE WILD + FREE SIDE It may seem like a crazy idea, but it's so empowering! Do at least one thing outside of your comfort zone during your session.

Are you still feeling a little lost on how to plan your session or daunted by the task? No worries, I got you. ;) I have a FREE GUIDE on The 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to have a Successful Brand Session. You can access it here, and as promised, here is the link for part 1 of my brand session tips.

Much love,


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