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DIY Back-to-School Photo Ideas

It's hard to believe the kids start back to school next week after such a long hiatus. I've wholly procrastinated on back-to-school shopping because I was in disbelief it was going to happen. I take back-to-school photos every year, but after the uncertainty and inconsistency of school last year, it seems even more important that I mark the occasion. In case you're scrambling like me to get your ducks in a row, here are some simple ways you can take back-to-school photos of your kids at home!


Books, apples, backpack, globe, desk, notebooks, stationery etc. Adding these elements gives the back-to-school vibe. Use them in creative ways like I did here to add more personality!


I don't know about you, but I always think my memory will catalogue the school years, but they blend into one another, much like my days right now. A simple letter board is a fun way to document the year they're in and gives your child something to hold, which can be helpful if they are a little shy in front of the camera.

Here is an amazing resource of safety tips for online back-to-school announcements:


Taking photos at their school before it opens can add such a fun, personal element to your photo.


If I had to choose one, I'd vote for this being the most important of all. Getting your child's personality to shine through is what takes your photo to the next level.


Kick it old school and get a "waiting for the bus photo." That is a classic photo from my childhood. Every year, we'd wear our new favourite outfit (mine usually involved something with a cat on it), we'd throw on our backpack and anxiously stand at the end of our driveway waiting for the big yellow bus to take us on our 45 MINUTE BUS DRIVE! We lived 10 minutes away from the school. Country living is not for the weak or motion-sickness inclined folks. Remember the feeling of being picked up from school? I most certainly do; it was like I gained a whole afternoon. I'd get at least two extra Simpson's episodes. It was the best! Check out the photo below for one of my childhood back-to-school photos.

Child in cat sweater on the first day of school
I have to give a shoutout to my Mom for her creative composition here!

If all this sounds awesome, but you don't have the time or energy for it! I got you- Enter to WIN a free back-to-school photo session for your amazing kiddo.

Much love,


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