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Fun Fall Session Recap

My cousin Pam reached out wanting a fall family session because she loved the colours of this season. So happy I was able to capture her amazing family. They are hilarious and always up for anything!

Can I also say how smokin’ Pam looks in her faux leather leggings?! It took everything in me, not to happy-clap when she hopped out of her vehicle wearing them. What a fun outfit! Pam has renewed my faith that amazing ones do exist in the world! Unlike what my experience has been in the past.


I struck up the courage to get a pair of faux leather leggings once. My sister-in-law Tash ordered us both a pair online. We were already envisioning all of the ways we could fashion them before they even landed on our doorstep. We were quickly disappointed when they did finally arrive because they ended up having the WORST smell ever, even after washing. Think 'perfume de old rubber tires smell.' If that wasn't enough, the SOUND they made was enough to make me cringe with every step. Tasha graciously permitted me to share this video because it was too good not to share this fashion failure.

They did make for some great laughs, though, so that's something. Anyways, always willing to share my fashion faux pas in the hopes of you avoiding the same fate. Back to this awesome session!

Pam requested a place with pretty fall leaves, so I searched nearby trails for the best ones, and SCORED big at this location.


Location matters. Especially seasonal-specific ones. Be clear with your photographer about what you're looking for so they can suggest the best spot. BUT ALSO, location does not matter as much as being at a place where your family can be comfortable.

What's your favourite season to get photos done? Mine is definitely fall. The temperature is great, the colours are phenomenal, and you can cozy up comfortably.

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Much Love,


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