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Mommy-Son Photo Session Recap

I met up with Shan and her boys at Lamoureux Park last week to capture a fun mommy-son session!

This bridge in Cornwall, Ontario, is one of my favourite spots, especially at golden hour. It can be a busy spot, but everyone that passed by was so kind and patient as we took photos.

I’ve photographed Shan’s family before, so I knew I was in for a playful and energetic session, and I was so READY because I knew we would have a blast! I encourage a lot of movement in sessions because it brings out each child’s personality without it feeling staged or uncomfortable for them. But, I didn’t need much prompting for this session because the boys were more than happy to run. I marvelled at how her youngest could run back and forth on the bridge, never tiring. If only we could bottle that kind of energy and bring it with us into adulting!

Shan totally rocks at boy mom life! She wore her fancy dress and didn’t hesitate to pick them up, be silly, or race with them! We rolled with their ideas and leaned into their curiosities and interests. Including them in the process and having realistic expectations made the session fun and relaxed!

While the boys were racing around, I took that opportunity to snag some photos of their gorgeous Mama!

Shan does so much for the Cornwall community, and it was nice to spotlight her for a moment. Shan is known for empowering others and boosting confidence through her fitness classes. She offers a variety of styles, Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoops (for adults and kids) and Silks, Dance classes, also a Postpartum (MOMSTRONG) and lose weight in 8 weight-loss programs. I love that she has a range of classes that support beginners to advanced. With over a decade in the business, it’s no wonder she’s the #1 Pole & Aerial Studio in the city!

If you want to take a class or learn more about her offerings, you can find all the details at

I had a very hard time choosing which photos to post because there were so many adorable moments. Here are a few more of my fav's!

I also have so many other sessions left to share with you! I’ll be updating my blog over the next few weeks with all of my recent sessions.

In the meantime, what is your biggest challenge/fear when it comes to family photo sessions?

I’d love to curate my tips to help ease these worries.

Lots of love,



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