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Sarah's Brand Session

I connected with this beautiful soul by happen-chance on Instagram when I commented about my lack of flexibility when trying to achieve this photo. Sarah commented on my post and immediately offered support.

Something I'd learn later is a natural trait of hers: giving and sharing without expecting anything in return and genuinely wanting to help people. This endearing quality drew me to meet her in person. For those of you that know me, meeting a total stranger at a coffee shop is a total non-introvert-type activity to do, but I felt drawn to connect with this beautiful lady in person. Sarah showed up exactly how I expected- super kind, compassionate, with a keen, knowing ear and an energy of positivity and light. We left the coffee shop with the intention of working together in lots of different capacities because it was clear our missions aligned.

Sarah's energy was a breath of fresh air because, at that time, I was feeling weighed down by the pressures of motherhood and the unrealistic expectations I was putting on myself to show up for myself and my family. I felt like I could learn a lot through her example and guidance, so I signed up for her Mother Nurture course. It was an empowering step forward because I was finally willing to put my needs and well-being on my list of priorities, something I had often tried to do before and failed.

The course was yoga-inspired, emphasizing the principles of yoga (truth, contentment, self-study, surrender) off the mat and into motherhood. It delivered on that and so much more for me. I was able to build the life I had always wanted to have by slowing right the eff down and listening to what I wanted, to who I wanted to be. I had so many life-changing ‘holy shit’ moments during her thought-provoking meditations and yoga practices. After going through this program, we moved out of the city and into a small rural town because of what I discovered about myself and my family's needs. It was the catalyst to so much change. The most important thing it did for me was breaking down the walls and limits I had willingly placed around myself.

It also helped me reconcile my mom guilt and recognize that caring for myself didn't mean I'd be taking anything away from my family. If anything, it was a crucial boost for everyone because I could show up and be present and happy. If you feel lost, if you feel like you run ragged from day to day and you don't have a moment to enjoy the life you are living, I highly recommend you check out Sarah's programs. She will support you and help you to untangle these deep feelings of burnout and overwhelm.

I was so excited when it was time to turn the tables and have Sarah step into my wheelhouse for a brand session. I knew the creative synergy would be fire because of her willingness to show up and be vulnerable. We chatted prior about what the goals were for the session and then spent a good part of the day creating images that spoke to who she is as a person and her heart-centred missions. I can't share too many photos from the session because Sarah has big plans for them, but I will share more when she releases them. To me, brand photos must showcase loads of personality, so we ended with Sarah barefoot in a field, wild + free. The essence of who she is and symbolizing the beautiful, calm, positive intentions she carries with her in motherhood and her work.

I'd love it if you could share this post to get the word out about the fantastic programs Sarah offers! Your share could be the catalyst to someone getting the support they've been seeking but didn't know where to look, just like I didn't know I needed it until a random comment on Instagram changed my course completely.

Much love,


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