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Winter Photography Sessions

Winter sessions are totally underrated! I love winter sessions because:

  1. BEAUTIFUL, NEUTRAL BACKDROPS Snow creates a magical, ethereal quality and keeps the attention where it belongs- on your beautiful family!

  2. PLAYFUL MOMENTS The world is a playground in the winter with lots of opportunities for playful moments like throwing snow or snowball fights.

  3. STAY COOL Unlike summer sessions, you don’t need to worry about overheating, so bring on all of your favourite, stylish layers! Cold is a big deterrent, but not every day in winter is intensely cold, and what better reason to snuggle up, then a little chill in the air. I personally love any excuse to cuddle up with my family.

  4. LIGHT The one and only perk (IMO) of the sun setting earlier is that it’s easier for little ones to participate in optimal light times and it sets well before their bedtime. Dreamy light and bedtime happens on schedule. ✅ ✅



  1. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Wear proper clothing and footwear so you and your family are comfortable during the session. Nothing breeds disaster faster than cold feet or frozen fingers. If you don't want to wear a jacket because it feels too bulky, bring a blanket that you can wrap around yourself in-between photos or throw your jacket on and off for quick spurts to stay warm.

  2. CHOOSE A BACKUP DATE. Winter weather can be unpredictable. Choosing a back-up date when booking ensures you won't be disappointed if mother nature hits with poor conditions on session day.

  3. SNUGGLE UP! Embrace the cold and snuggle up! It really does make the most adorable photos when you're cuddling!

  4. HAVE FUN! Embrace the season and what it has to offer by having fun in the snow.

  5. WARM UP ACTIVITY IDEA! Motivate your kiddos with the promise of hot chocolate at the end of the session!

Winter photos offer a different perspective and help create a well-rounded collection of memories that reflect the changing seasons. Fall/Summer may be the most popular, but they are far from the only options we have to create meaningful experiences and memory-keeping for our families.

WINTER PROMOTION: For the month of February receive 3 additional digital images (that's a $60 value!) Check out my winter calendar here.

Wishing you an amazing week!



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