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Friendship Photo Session

I did a Milestone Photography Session in June with an amazing group of ladies known as the Balderdash Group (see that session here!). Through that amazing process, it dawned on me how:

A) Incredible it was that they were celebrating each other in this way, and;

B) That I couldn’t help but mirror my own friendships with theirs.

So, immediately after the session, I messaged my girls and asked them if they would be interested in doing a friendship session of our own. Of course, they were all on board. An excuse for us to get together AND do a photoshoot? Hello, instant fun!

I have known these amazing humans for 20+ years. Some I met in grade school and the rest followed a couple of years later in high school.

These gals. How do I even begin to explain how important they are to me. They came into my life at a time when friendships were a struggle and I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere; when I was battling my self-worth and I sought approval from the wrong people. They embraced and celebrated my eccentricities and empowered me to be myself. Their kindness sent me on a significantly different life course and helped me to conquer the negativity that had grown inside me. I will forever be grateful that they showed up in my life just when I needed them. Also, I have to give a shoutout to my Mom for not allowing me to switch schools because I was struggling. Had she caved, I would have no doubt found the same issues elsewhere and I would have missed out on some of the biggest blessings (LESSONS?) of my life.

From major triumphs to small wins, I know I always have a cheer squad at the ready. They also show up for the tough stuff. The stuff you have a hard time saying, but it comes pouring out the moment you’re together. You just know they will voluntarily shoulder the burden to help ease the weight you're feeling.

We’ve been through everything together! From amazing life triumphs, extreme losses, big moves, marriages and now motherhood.

Feeling accepted for being yourself is a beautiful thing and these girls have that covered. If you have friends like that hold on tight, because they are rare. And if you don’t, they are out there. Find them and celebrate them and do it often. The connections we make in this world is the most important work we can do.

I’ll be forever grateful that these ladies came into my life when they did, but even more grateful that time and distance hasn’t changed our unique connection. Not only are they some of the most innately good humans I’ve ever met, they are funny as hell and immediately lift my spirits because of their positive vibes. They are my best form of therapy, especially when there are margaritas and barn dancing involved. ;)

6 days, 6 months, 6 years could go by and we’d still come together like we hadn’t skipped a beat.

How do you celebrate or stay connected to the important people in your life?

Much love,


P.S. I’m already planning out next year’s session. 70’s theme anyone? ;)


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